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There Is No Lack Of Employment In Nigeria – Austin Edoho

Employment In Nigeria
Written by LynkUPP

The CEO/Publisher of SNN Africa, Mr. Austin Edoho has come out to say that there is no lack of employment in Nigeria. He said this during the Black Entrepreneurs’ Forum, an interactive business seminar held at the Hyatt Regency Hesperia Madrid, in Spain.

Speaking on the topic “Curbing The Menace Of Poverty & Unemployment In Africa”, the erudite and astute journalist cum businessman stated categorically that there is an abundance of jobs and employment opportunities in Nigeria and Africa. But the challenge is that people are looking in the wrong direction.

He decried the mentality of the average Nigerian which is making them depend on someone to give them a job before they can have a source of income. He stated that there are jobs everywhere, but people are not seeing the job opportunities in Nigeria because they are looking in the wrong direction.

According to him, ” there are jobs everywhere. For as long as there are problems and challenges in Nigeria, then there is an opportunity for people to make money. You make money by solving problems for people. The more people you can help, the more money you make. There are many challenges confronting the average African. Anyone therefore, that can help these people solve their problems will definitely make money “.

Mr Edoho went further to differentiate between the two kinds of employment. In his words, “there are two kinds of employment. We have the paid employment, and we have the self employment. Paid employment is working for someone or company who pays you for services rendered or work done. While self employment is an individual meeting a need in return for money or payment.

“While there is scarcity of paid employment, there is an abundance of self employment opportunities in the country. There are many businesses you can start and build with little or no capital. Nigerians are talented people, full of creative and innovative ideas. Check them out across the world: they are breaking records and setting the pace. Go to the UK, you see Nigerians doing exploits. Go to the United States, same thing is happening there. South Africa, Ghana, Senegal, Mauritania, and Togo cannot deny the impact of Nigerians in their country. And even right here in Spain, Nigerians are still doing their thing.

“I remember when I just arrived here and decided to eat Nigerian dish. The restaurant I ate in was owned and operated by a Nigerian. It really warmed my heart. We can also do the same back home”.

Edoho concluded by encouraging everyone present to go back home and start something, no matter how little, and gradually grow the business.

In the same vein, he called on the commercial and micro-finance banks in Africa to support startups by giving them low interest loans to start up businesses.

He condemned the exploitation of African entrepreneurs by some financial institutions, imploring them to change their ways and help their fellow Africans.

“Let’s not wait for one industry or company or even the government to employ us. We can create jobs for ourselves and others, and help contribute to the overall growth and development of our country and continent. I also want to plead with some of you that are directors of banks, managers, or managing any bank or micro-finance bank to be more flexible on giving loans to startups.Many great ideas lay buried for want of capital. Help these people birth their dreams and establish their businesses, and posterity will never forget you,” he concluded.

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The seminar was well attended by Directors of companies,HR managers, Heads of department, entrepreneurs, public and civil servants of African descent.

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