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Written by LynkUPP

Let me introduce you to this powerful all-in-one business tool that every 21st century business needs inorder to create visibility, engage customers, and drive sales.  The name of this business tool(machine) is called Getresponse Free. From the thousands of positive reviews trailing this tool, you would do well to sign up immediately and start using this tool, else you will be missing out of something that could help you reach out to new customers, engage with old customers, create awareness and visibility for your business, and generate massive sales and profit for your business.

What is GetResponse Free? GetResponse Free is the best free-forever digital marketing software plan available. Users can build their online presence with an AI-driven website builder, email marketing newsletters, and lead generation tools. What are the benefits of GetResponse Free? • GetResponse Free enables users to quickly get online. Secondly, the plan is free forever, so users can keep expanding their online presence without interruptions. Lastly, users can upgrade to paid plans to access the complete GetResponse marketing platform, including email marketing automation, paid ads, webinars, chats, and more. So do your business a big favour by signing up now, and take that business to the next level.

GetResponse Free creates a freemium sales funnel to increase and expand new users, branding, website builder penetration, and incentives for users to upgrade. 

According to an official statement on Getresponse website, “GetResponse strives to help businesses get online and grow. To make that even more attainable for all businesses, we’ve launched the GetResponse Free plan. It’s a forever-free account with access to the most vital tools to get any business online, including websites and landing pages, email marketing, and lead generation software. Like our previous free trial, new users can try premium features free for 30 days, including marketing automation, chats, conversion funnels, and more. However, users must upgrade to continue using our complete marketing ecosystem and advanced features”.

What’s included in GetResponse Free? 

a) Free website builder: Users can build a website using a no-code, AI-powered builder or use predesigned templates to start promoting their businesses online. 

What is the GetResponse Website Builder? Website Builder is an AI-driven website creator. Alternatively, users can build sites with 100+ templates and a visual drag-and-drop editor. Website Builder includes ready-made sections, SEO tools, global design control, performance analytics, and more.

GetResponse doesn’t interfere with site navigation by placing huge company logos or ads on free sites. Our customers’ sites are genuinely their own. On the other hand, many of our competitors make obvious branding attempts, making sites look unprofessional and incomplete. 

b) Free email marketing tools: Users can send email newsletters about updates and special offers to build strong relationships with their contacts. Unlimited emails / Intuitive email creator / predesigned templates

Previously, GetResponse only offered paid plans, which closed the door to users seeking a free solution. GetResponse Free allows many more people to try and grow with GetResponse as they scale their businesses online. 

GetResponse Free also gives access to email marketing and lead generation tools, including popups, surveys, and contact forms. By contrast, most free website builders limit customers to website-building capabilities and no other features. Regarding ads,’s free plan forces users to show PPC ads on their websites, making them appear low-grade

GetResponse offers a complete digital marketing platform to grow a business. “Customers can upgrade anytime to use various marketing tools from a single app. Since many of our competitors don’t offer an all-in-one marketing platform, some of them use a mishmash of third-party tools and integrations to compete with us”, they said.

We promised to dish out premium information for free on LynkUPP platform, and we are keeping to our promise.That is our way of creating and adding value to our readers. So head over to Getresponse and sign up now. If you eventually decide to upgrade, we may earn a little commission from your upgrade.

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