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Steve Cohen: Forbes 93rd Richest Man On Earth

Facts about Steve Cohen

  • Full Name: Steven A. Cohen
  • Born: June 11, 1956
  • Age: 67
  • Source of Wealth: Hedge funds (Self Made)
  • Self-Made Score: 8
  • Philanthropy Score: 3
  • Residence: Greenwich, Connecticut, United States
  • Citizenship: United States
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Children: 7
  • Education: Bachelor of Arts/Science, University of Pennsylvania, The Wharton School

Biography: Steven A. Cohen, born on June 11, 1956, is a prominent American hedge fund manager and billionaire. He is the founder of Point72 Asset Management, a hedge fund firm known for its significant capital and investment activities.

Cohen’s financial prowess and investment expertise have led him to remarkable success in the world of finance. He has overseen Point72 Asset Management, a hedge fund firm that manages substantial assets, with a reported value of $27 billion. Notably, the firm expanded to manage external capital starting in 2018.

Cohen’s previous venture, SAC Capital Advisors, was one of the most successful hedge funds in history. However, the firm faced legal challenges and was forced to plead guilty to insider trading charges. The resulting penalties amounted to $1.8 billion and led to the closure of SAC Capital. Despite this setback, Cohen continued to be a significant player in the financial world.

Beyond his investment endeavors, Cohen is known for his involvement in the sports industry. In 2020, he purchased the New York Mets, a Major League Baseball (MLB) team, for a record-breaking price of $2.4 billion.

Cohen’s philanthropic efforts have also been notable. He has contributed significantly to charitable causes, pledging over $1 billion to various initiatives. His philanthropy includes support for veterans and children’s health causes, among others.

As of August 2023, Steve Cohen’s net worth was reported to be $17.5 billion.


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