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Masayoshi Son: Forbes 65th Richest Man On Earth

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Full Name: Masayoshi Son

Current Position: CEO of SoftBank Group

Real-Time Net Worth : $23.9 billion

World Ranking : #65

Net Worth : $22.4 billion

Source of Wealth: Telecom, Investments (Self-Made)

Age: 66 years old

Residence: Tokyo, Japan

Citizenship: Japanese

Marital Status: Married

Children: 2

Education: Bachelor of Arts/Science from the University of California, Berkeley

Notable Investment: Founder and head of SoftBank’s Vision Funds, with investments from major entities like Apple, Qualcomm, Foxconn, Larry Ellison’s family office, and Saudi Arabia’s sovereign fund.

Investment Portfolio: The Vision Funds have invested in over 100 companies, including notable names like Grab, Coupang, and Paytm.

Recent Financial Report: SoftBank reported a $7.3 billion loss for the year ending March 2023.

Real Estate: Masayoshi Son owns a 9-acre estate in Silicon Valley with a 9,000 square foot mansion, which he acquired for more than $100 million.

Masayoshi Son is a Japanese entrepreneur and business magnate known for his leadership as the CEO of SoftBank Group, a telecommunications and investment conglomerate. Born in Japan, Son pursued higher education in the United States, earning a Bachelor of Arts/Science degree from the University of California, Berkeley.

Throughout his career, Son has demonstrated a remarkable ability to identify and invest in groundbreaking technologies and companies. One of his most significant achievements is the establishment of SoftBank’s Vision Funds, which have attracted investments from prominent entities such as Apple, Qualcomm, Foxconn, Larry Ellison’s family office, and Saudi Arabia’s sovereign fund.

Under Son’s guidance, the Vision Funds have deployed substantial capital into over 100 companies, fostering innovation across various industries. Notable investments include ride-sharing firm Grab, Korean e-commerce leader Coupang, and India’s Paytm, all of which have played pivotal roles in shaping their respective markets.

Despite his successes, Masayoshi Son has also experienced setbacks. SoftBank reported a substantial $7.3 billion loss for the fiscal year ending in March 2023, highlighting the inherent risks associated with his ambitious investment strategies.

Beyond his business endeavors, Son is known for his extravagant real estate acquisitions, including a 9-acre estate in Silicon Valley featuring a sprawling 9,000 square foot mansion. This property reportedly cost him more than $100 million.

Masayoshi Son’s career and investments have made him a prominent figure in the global business landscape. His ability to navigate the world of technology and investments has solidified his status as one of Japan’s wealthiest and most influential individuals.

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