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Klaus-Michael Kuehne: Forbes 39th Riches Man On Earth

Quick Fact List – Klaus-Michael Kuehne

Name: Klaus-Michael Kuehne

Birth: Date of Birth: 1937

Profession: Logistics Magnate

Source of Wealth: Shipping, Logistics

Key Ventures: Honorary Chairman of Kuehne + Nagel International AG, Ownership in Hapag-Lloyd, Investments in Lufthansa

Net Worth: $33.9 billion (Real Time Net Worth)

Ranking: #39 in the World

Residence: Schindellegi, Switzerland

Citizenship: Germany

Age: 86

Marital Status: Married

Early Life and Career Beginnings

Klaus-Michael Kuehne, born in 1937, is a distinguished figure in the world of logistics. Hailing from Germany, he embarked on a path that would eventually establish him as a prominent entrepreneur and business magnate.

Legacy of Kuehne

Kuehne’s association with the logistics industry began in earnest when he joined Kuehne + Nagel International AG, a company co-founded by his grandfather. His entry into the company occurred in 1958, and his dedication and contributions led him to ascend to the role of CEO in 1966. Under his leadership, Kuehne + Nagel grew to become a significant player in the logistics domain.

Strategic Investments

Kuehne’s business acumen extended beyond his familial logistics empire. In 2016, his Kuehne Holding AG made a notable acquisition, securing a 20% stake in VTG, a rail logistics company. Subsequently, the stake was sold to Morgan Stanley Infrastructure. Kuehne’s strategic prowess was further demonstrated through his ownership in Hapag-Lloyd, where his shareholding reached roughly 30% and steadily increased over time.

Kuehne’s influence extended to the aviation sector. In a remarkable move, he acquired a 17.5% stake in Lufthansa, the German airline carrier, over the course of 2022. This made him the airline’s largest single investor, showcasing his diversification into different realms of transportation and commerce.

Klaus-Michael Kuehne’s accomplishments span decades and industries. Despite his substantial wealth and achievements, he has maintained a relatively private profile.


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