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HHF And Ajinomoto Concludes Maiden Widows Cooking Competition

Widows Cooking Competition
Written by LynkUPP

Healing Heart Foundation and Ajinomoto Successfully Host Maiden Edition of Widows Cooking Competition, Showering Winners with Exciting Prizes

Austin Edoho, Lagos, Nigeria – June 25, 2023

The Healing Heart Foundation (HHF), in partnership with AJINOMOTO FOODS NIGERIA LIMITED, created a spectacular and empowering event with the maiden edition of the Widows Cooking Competition held in Isolo, Lagos State, on June 23, 2023. This groundbreaking competition provided widows with an opportunity to showcase their culinary skills, foster economic independence, and promote their overall well-being. The event culminated in an atmosphere of celebration, with winners receiving exciting prizes and everyone treated to sumptuous food and drinks.

As the competition heated up, the widows displayed their exceptional culinary expertise in a friendly and supportive environment. Their creativity, culinary knowledge, and presentation skills wowed the panel of esteemed chefs and culinary experts who diligently evaluated each dish for taste, presentation, and nutritional value.

At the grand finale of the event, the winners were announced, and they were rewarded with fantastic prizes that further motivated their pursuit of culinary excellence. Stella Ibie was awarded the first prize, a standing refrigerator, for impressing the judges with her exceptional culinary creations. This invaluable appliance would undoubtedly enhance her cooking endeavors and contribute to her overall efficiency in the kitchen.

Olowu Ayaba Esther secured the second prize, a set of large cooking pots, for showcasing her remarkable culinary skills and dedication to her craft throughout the competition. These pots would equip her with the necessary tools to further explore her passion for cooking and take her culinary journey to new heights.

Fumilayo Adebayo received the third prize, a large food cooler, for astonishing the judges with her culinary expertise and innovation. The food cooler would ensure that her culinary masterpieces could be preserved and transported with ease, providing convenience and practicality to her culinary endeavors.

In addition to the top three prizes, numerous consolation prizes were distributed to participants, ensuring that their efforts were recognized and celebrated. The Healing Heart Foundation andAJINOMOTO FOODS NIGERIA LIMITED were committed to appreciating the talents and dedication of all the widows who participated in the competition.

The atmosphere was filled with joy and celebration as everyone present indulged in sumptuous food and refreshing drinks. Laughter, camaraderie, and a sense of accomplishment enveloped the event venue, creating a memorable experience for both participants and attendees.

Speaking at the occasion, the President and Founder of Healing Heart Foundation, Rev. Mrs. Sophy Mbanisi said that the successful collaboration between HHF and Ajinomoto during the Widows Cooking Competition showcased their shared dedication to supporting widows, promoting healthy cooking practices, and empowering individuals in the culinary field. She also stated that the event served as a powerful testament to the organizations’ commitment to uplifting widows and fostering economic independence through the celebration of culinary talent.

In the same vein, the CSR manager of AJINOMOTO FOODS NIGERIA LIMITED Mrs Francisca Ikediashi, reiterated the brand’s commitment towards uplifting Nigerians, and providing a better standard of living for them. She thanked Mrs. Mbanisi for organizing the event, and putting smiles on the widow’s faces.

Looking towards the future, the Healing Heart Foundation and Ajinomoto expressed their enthusiasm for upcoming editions of the Widows Cooking Competition, where they would continue to provide widows with an empowering platform to shine.

Check below for the event in pictures. Enjoy!

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