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Ghana at a Glance: Overview of the Country

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Ghana, officially known as the Republic of Ghana, is a country located in West Africa. Its capital city is Accra, and its official language is English. The Ghana Cedi (GH¢) is the national currency.

As of Q3 2022, Ghana’s nominal GDP was US$ 49.7 billion, with a growth rate of 2.9%. The exchange rate as of March 2023 is US$ 1.00 to GHS 11.01. The minimum wage as of December 2022 was GHS 14.88, while the prime rate was 28% as of January 2023.

The country has a population of 30.8 million, according to a provisional report from the Ghana Statistical Service in September 2021. The population growth rate is 2.11%. The land size is 238,533 sq. km (92,098 m²).

Ghana has a tropical climate, with temperatures ranging from 21-30 ˚C. The country operates as a constitutional democracy, with an Executive, President, and Cabinet.

With a rich history and diverse culture, Ghana is known for its friendly people, vibrant music, and colourful festivals. The country is home to a number of ethnic groups, including the Akan, Ewe, and Ga-Adangbe, among others.

Ghana is also known for its stunning landscapes, including national parks and reserves such as Kakum National Park, Mole National Park, and the Volta Region.

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