Leonid Mikhelson & Family: Richest Family In The World 2023

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Name: Leonid Mikhelson & Family

Birth: August 11, 1955

Profession: Founder and Chairman of Novatek

Source of Wealth: Natural Gas, Chemicals, Entrepreneurship

Key Ventures: Novatek, Stake in Sibur, GES-2 Art Space

Net Worth: $21.6 billion (Real Time Net Worth)

Ranking: #76 in the World (as of 8/28/23)

Residence: Moscow, Russia

Age: 68

Marital Status: Married

Children: 2

Forbes Lists: #72 Billionaires (2023)

Leonid Mikhelson, born on August 11, 1955, in Kaspiysk, Dagestan, Russia, is a pioneering figure in the natural gas industry. His journey from an engineering background to founding and leading Novatek, a prominent natural gas producer, underscores his entrepreneurial spirit and vision for energy solutions.

Founding Novatek and Industry Influence:

Mikhelson’s legacy is closely tied to Novatek, a company he founded and chairs. Novatek quickly established itself as a key player in the natural gas sector. The company’s contributions to the energy landscape highlight Mikhelson’s strategic acumen and commitment to driving innovation in the energy sector.

Mikhelson’s strategic investments extend beyond Novatek. His acquisition of a 17% stake in petrochemical company Sibur, including assets from Kirill Shamalov, contributed to his increasing stake of 48%. The merger of Sibur with TAIF Group in 2021 marked a significant development, expanding his influence within the energy and chemical industries.

Mikhelson’s impact extends beyond energy. His investment of over $470 million transformed a power plant across from the Kremlin into the breathtaking GES-2 art space. This endeavor, which opened in late 2021, highlights his commitment to culture, creativity, and revitalizing urban spaces.

In April 2022, Mikhelson faced challenges as he was sanctioned by the UK and US. In response, he demonstrated strategic adaptability by transferring ownership of GES-2 and 2.3% shares of Novatek to his daughter Victoria. This move underscores his ability to navigate complex circumstances while safeguarding his ventures.

Leonid Mikhelson’s journey is marked by a blend of industry leadership, strategic investments, and a commitment to fostering cultural and artistic endeavors. His legacy extends beyond business to impact sectors ranging from energy to arts, exemplifying his multidimensional influence.

While information about his philanthropic endeavors is limited, Mikhelson’s investments in cultural spaces like GES-2 and contributions to the broader business landscape underscore his commitment to supporting and enhancing communities through various means.

Leonid Mikhelson’s life story is a testament to his multifaceted impact on industry, culture, and society. His pioneering role in the energy sector, strategic investments, and dedication to artistic revitalization highlight his dynamic approach to shaping not only the business world but also the cultural landscape of Russia and beyond.

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