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Carok Global safeguarding industries with supply of quality personal protective equipment (PPE)

Tema, Ghana – Carok Global Company Limited, a registered Ghanaian-based company, is making strides in the field of engineering and safety, providing optimal solutions for the Personal Protective Equipment needs of various industries.

With a vision to support and address all health and safety concerns of its clients, Carok Global Company Limited boasts a well-experienced directorate. Their expertise in health and safety provisions for both light and heavy industries, as well as in engineering fields, enables them to address a wide range of HSE-related needs.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Some of the essential Personal Protective Equipment available in their stock includes helmets, safety boots, reflective vests, coveralls, hand gloves, nose/face masks, ear muffs/plugs, safety glasses/goggles, caution tapes, and harnesses.

The company assures organizations of prompt and professional services and supply in the mentioned areas. They provide a brochure with detailed information on their activities, mission, and vision to further enlighten potential clients.

For inquiries and contact, interested parties can reach Carok Global Company Limited at 0246414328 or 0550059773, or through email at carokltd@gmail.com. To learn more about their offerings, visit their website at http://carokglobal.com, or follow them on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/carok_safety.

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Carok Global Company Limited is committed to safeguarding industries with their expert engineering and safety solutions, providing a dependable partner for businesses in Ghana and beyond.

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