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Vicky Safra & Family; 95th Richest Family In The World

Name: Vicky Safra & Family

Net Worth: $17.5 billion

Real Time Net Worth : $17.5 billion

Ranking: #95 in the world’s billionaires list

Net Worth (2023): $16.7 billion (

Source of Wealth: Banking (Inherited)

Residence: Crans-Montana, Switzerland

Citizenship: Brazil (Vicky holds Greek citizenship)

Marital Status: Widowed

Children: 4

Biography of Vicky Safra & Family

Vicky Safra and her four adult children have inherited their considerable fortune from her late husband and their father, Joseph Safra, a prominent banker who passed away in December 2020. Joseph Safra’s legacy in the banking world has been continued by his family.

Born in Greece, Vicky Safra maintains Greek citizenship and resides predominantly in Switzerland. She has been at the helm of the Safra family’s financial endeavors following her husband’s passing.

The Safra family’s wealth is divided among their four adult children, each of whom plays a significant role in managing different aspects of the family’s business empire: Jacob Safra (Age 46): The oldest son, Jacob, oversees the operations of Swiss bank J. Safra Sarasin, the Safra National Bank of New York, and the family’s global real estate investments. David Safra (Age 37): David manages Banco Safra in Brazil as well as the Brazilian real estate holdings of the J. Safra Group.

Alberto Safra (Age 42): Alberto was involved in a lawsuit against his mother and brothers in New York in February. He claimed that his stake in Safra National Bank had been diluted, a claim that the family has denied.

Esther Safra Dayan (Age 44): Esther is married to Carlos Dayan, a member of the prominent Brazilian banking family. She resides in Sao Paulo.

The Safra family’s wealth history has seen fluctuations over the years, with their net worth varying based on market conditions and the performance of their various business ventures.

Vicky Safra currently resides in Crans-Montana, Switzerland, and holds Brazilian citizenship due to her marriage to Joseph Safra. She is widowed, having lost her husband in 2020.

The legacy of Joseph Safra lives on through his family’s continued involvement in the banking industry and their management of various financial institutions and real estate holdings around the world.


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