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How To Become A Sales Superstar

Sales superstar
Written by LynkUPP

Have you been wondering how you can become a sales superstar? Here is a complete resource guide for you on how you can become a sales superstar and make money in 6 figures in no time.

Every businessman is a salesperson. Every businessman has something to sell. That’s why he is in business. Every company sells something. Yes, they have something of value to sell or exchange for money.

Therefore, learning about the various means or ways of becoming a sales superstar is not something that should be left for the marketers or marketing department alone. Everyone in the company, beginning from the CEO of the company down to the security guards should learn and master the art of selling.

Are you probably asking yourself what business a security guard has with selling? I will show you.

In business, the actions or inactions of everyone counts. It matters a lot. As a security guard, you are the first contact the outside world or customer or client has with your company or establishment. Your comportment and conduct tells the potential customer a lot about the company you’re working for. If you are not professional in discharging your duties as security personnel, the customer or client will form an impression that your organization or company is not organized, and if the security man can be so unprofessional, then most likely the rest of the staff will be like that.

So he or she has already formed an unfavorable impression about your company or organization. And that alone might influence his or her decision to either patronize your business or not.

You can now see that marketing or salesmanship is not reserved for a certain group of people. Everyone in your organization, from the top to the bottom must learn and master the craft or art of being a super salesperson. Let’s look at who a super salesperson is.

Who Is A Super Salesperson?

As Brian Tracy would say, “Everyone is in sales, no matter what you do. Your entire life is a continuous process of communicating, persuading, and influencing other people. The question is, how good are you in these areas?”

As an individual, you have dreams, visions, goals, and ambitions. You are not the first, and you won’t be the last to have such. A lot of people had dreams and visions and ambitions, but ended up not achieving them. Their failure had nothing to do with their academic qualifications, or location or race, or financial status. It was cause by majorly one single factor: inability to sell their ideas and visions and dreams to others.

Your inability to sell your visions and ideas and dreams will determine how far you go in life. Above any other skill, master the art of selling. That is what makes a difference between success and failure in business, career, or ministry.

A salesperson therefore is a person whose job is to sell products or services, either for a company, or for himself. A super salesperson is someone who achieves extraordinary and phenemenal success in sales.

The salesperson either works indoors, greeting the clients or customers, and helps them find items they are looking for. He provides answers to their questions.

Or a salesperson may go out to market products or services to prospective customers either in their homes, offices, or busy locations. He works with a sense of accountability. He is either given a target, or he gives himself a target.

At the end of the day, how successful you are as a salesperson is determined by various factors which are enumerated below:


How knowledgeable you are about your products and services will, to a considerable extent, determine how successful you are as a salesperson. Therefore, the first duty of every salesperson is to get an adequate knowledge and understanding about the products or services he is selling. Nothing is more frustrating than asking a salesperson about the functionalities of his products, and he cannot provide an answer. This simply shows that you lack knowledge about what you’re selling. Your power or ability to convince a prospect or customers lies in your knowledge and understanding of your products or services, and its benefit to the buyer. If you can’t handle this, you have failed as a salesperson.

You need to understand your product, know who your buyers are, and where to locate them. For instance, if your comapny sells training cones, and you’re hired as a salesperson to sell the training cones, what are you supposed to do? You must first and foremost, understand what training cones are. You must know that training cones are used as markers by sportsmen, athletes as targets or boundaries. So you need to find out where you can find people who are into sports, and most likely to buy the training cones from you. So you hit the stadium, gym, or any sports centre. First understand your products, identify your target market, and know where to meet them, then go to them! Simple.


Every salesperson should learn to wear confidence like a garment. To succeed as a salesperson, you just can’t do without this. Confidence is contagious. Confidence gives off an aura that says ‘I know who I am, I know what I am doing, and I know the product or service I’m selling’. This talks about self-esteem. A salesperson is not a beggar pleading with people to buy what he or she has to offer. No. He is not going cap in hands, looking pitiful and forlorn, hoping for a random customer to pity him and patronize him. A salesperson is a man who has the answer to people’s questions, and a solution to their problems. He has what the world wants, and he is bringing the solution to them. He is not inferior to the customer or buyer whose patronage he is seeking. It irks me when I see salespeople or marketers practically begging people to buy from them, citing their peculiar circumstances as a reason for them to be patronized. You do not beg a man to buy what he doesn’t need. If you can convince him about the usefulness of your product or service to his health, finances, or family, he will definitely buy from you. People buy or patronize what they need, not what you beg them to buy. To be a master or super salesperson, be confident, knowing you have something of value to offer to your prospective clients or customers, and they will buy from you.


To be highly successful as a salesperson, you must be ambitious. Ambitious people are dreamers. They have big dreams. They believe they can become the best in their chosen field. And they are willing to do everything possible to get there. They pursue their ambitions with a desperation that appears fearful to the uninitiated. They are optimistic. They are risk-takers. If you want to be a super salesperson, then you just have to be ambitious. It’s a prerequisite to success as a salesperson. Desire and Aspire to be the very best in your field. This requires going for trainings, attending seminars, reading books, and looking for a mentor; someone who is achieving great success as a salesperson. You need his or her wisdom, insight, and strategies for selling and landing great deals. You can find a detailed resource on mentorship here.

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