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Pokuase Interchange

7 Facts You Didn’t Know About The Pokuase Interchange

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The Pokuase Interchange is a major road infrastructure project embarked upon by the government of Ghana. It was a massive undertaking that required a really significant investment from the Ghanaian government. Below are several facts you didn’t know about the Pokuase Interchange:

  1.  It was completed in 2021. This colossal project which begun in 2018 was eventually completed in 2021.
  2. It is located at the intersection of the Accra-Kumasi road and the Nsawam road in the Pokuase area, a suburb of Accra. The Pokuase Interchange is one of the largest interchanges in West Africa, and is expected to ease traffic congestion in the locality, thereby increasing commuter’s efficiency, reduce travel time, reduce fuel consumption, thereby reducing the cost of transportation for businesses and individuals, and boost economic activities in the region through the ease with which services and goods move around the region.
  3. The Pokuase Interchange is made up of a three-tier interchange, an overhead flyover, four underpasses, and several numbers of service roads. The Pokuase interchange was designed to facilitate and effect the smooth movement of vehicular traffic between the Accra-Kumasi road and the Nsawam road, as well as improve access to other parts of the city. The project also includes the construction of a 10-kilometer road network, which will link the interchange to the ACP road, the Accra-Nsawam road, and other major roads in the area.
  4. The Pokuase Interchange is also expected to stimulate economic growth in the area by improving access to markets and business centers. The improved road network will make it easier for businesses to transport goods and services to different parts of the city, thereby reducing logistics costs and increasing competitiveness. The interchange will also improve access to the Nsawam market, one of the largest markets in the region, which is expected to attract more traders and buyers to the area.
  5. In addition to the economic benefits, the Pokuase Interchange is also expected to have significant social and environmental benefits. The improved road network will provide safer and more comfortable transportation for commuters, while reducing the environmental impact of transportation by reducing emissions from idling vehicles stuck in traffic.
  6. The total cost for the construction of the Pokuase Interchange was estimated to be around $84 million, with funding provided by the African Development Bank (AfDB) and the Ghanaian government.
  7. The Pokuase Interchange project was awarded to the Brazilian construction firm Queiroz Galvão, who worked with a team of local contractors and engineers to complete the project within the stipulated time frame. Construction began in 2018 and was completed in 2021, with the interchange officially opened to traffic in May 2021.

The economic benefits of the Pokuase Interchange are expected to be significant, with projections suggesting that the project will generate around $100 million in economic benefits each year for Ghana. This includes savings in travel time and fuel costs for commuters and haulage drivers, increased economic activity in the region, and improved access to markets and business centers.

The project is also expected to create job opportunities for local residents, both during the construction phase and in the long term. It is estimated that around 3,000 people were employed during the construction of the interchange, and that the project will create an additional 10,000 jobs in the surrounding area once completed.

In addition to the economic benefits, the Pokuase Interchange is also expected to have a positive impact on the environment. The project includes the construction of several pedestrian bridges and walkways, which will make it easier and safer for pedestrians to cross the busy roads in the area. This will reduce the risk of accidents and encourage more people to walk and cycle, thereby reducing traffic congestion and air pollution in the region.

According to Ghana Ministry of Road and Highways, the Pokuase Interchange is a significant infrastructure project that is expected to have a major impact on the economic and social development of Ghana. The project demonstrates the importance of investing in infrastructure to drive economic growth and development, and highlights the potential benefits of strategic partnerships between the government and international organizations like the AfDB.

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